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About the Company

We're Blue Note Technology.  We have two passions here: software development and jazz.  We admire the greats-John Coltrane and Charlie Parker-as well as the work of contemporary artists such as Pat Metheny and Joshua Redman

And that pretty much sums up our approach to software development, too.  As a company we bring a combined total of 90 years of technology experience.  And we take that expertise and build data-driven applications that utilize the Internet.

Or more to the point, we use our experience to make sense out of your existing technology.  And we use the Internet as the platform for our applications.

The applications we build pull your enterprise together.  They make your employees, vendors, customers, and anyone else who is important to you feel as if they're simply walking in your front door when they wish to interact with you using the Internet.

You can extend your enterprise, giving it the ability to use the Internet as another channel to generate revenue, provide services, or disseminate information.

The sites we build are fast, reliable, can grow as large as you'd like them, and are so easy to maintain that updating them is as simple as creating a Word document.  After we build your application, we can also integrate the new application with your existing systems so everything will work together and you have a powerful, stable presence on the Internet.

Jazz and software development.  Both have an underlying structure.  Organization.  And improvisation.  That's Blue Note Technology.