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Blue Note accomplished the following projects for HMC:

1) Stabilized, enhanced and assessed the HMC Router application.

  • This is a key operational application which provides a 'soft switch' between:
    • HMC's internal systems such as trade capture, cash wire and security feeds
    • An off-site accounting system
    • An off-site SMAC (securities management and control) system

  • The Router application:
    • Maps and routes transactions (messages) to and from all the above systems.
    • Records acknowledgement of receipt of information and creates cross-reference information.
    • Forms the basis for reconciliation among these systems.
    • Positions HMC well for the approaching T+1 settlement requirement.
  • The application is implemented in C/Sybase.
  • Stabilization was achieved by identifying and resolving problems:
    • within the application logic.
    • with implementation (i.e. memory leaks).
  • Enhancements included adding transaction types such as stock loans and cash wires to the Router
  • Assessment resulted in a series of recommendations, which were adopted, that improved reliability, supportability, etc.

2) Rearchitected a critical database transformation and replication application to improve performance and reliability.

  • Performance gains were realized by:
    • Introducing parallelism
    • Employing intelligent ordering techniques
  • Reliability gains were realized by:
    • Implementing sophisticated, positive status checking and recovery to ensure:
      • Availability of necessary resources
      • Resolution of deadlock conditions
      • etc

3) Designed and implemented a web based reporting and data distribution application that provided real-time information to traders at Harvard Management.

  • This HTML/C/CGI based application allowed users to:
    • select from 40 reporting options
    • select from a set of flexible selection criteria
    • indicate a preference for
      • formatted HTML output
      • data formatted for import into a spreadsheet or database
      • both
  • Retrieve relevant data from relational database(s).
  • Dynamically format HTML, including drill down links.
  • Optionally deliver importable data to the desktop.